8 Luxury Interior Design Trends for 2021

  • Erin Brumleve
  • 08/8/21

After a year as stressful as 2020, it’s no surprise that luxury interior design trends are veering into comfortable territory as homebuyers and owners seek to create their own personal oases. From cozy furniture to soothing ambiance-setting decor, these are the hottest interior design trends that we’re noticing as we move further into 2021 and leave the stress behind.

1. Sleek, minimalist kitchens

In 2020, homeowners gained a renewed appreciation for their kitchens. After all, when you’re stuck at home and unable to get out to enjoy meals with friends or dinners at your favorite restaurants downtown, options become severely limited. Many people tried new and exciting recipes or discovered a passion for cooking that they didn’t have previously. But with this greater focus on the kitchen came a desire for less clutter and more organization. There’s nothing more frustrating than starting to prepare a meal for your family and realizing that everything is in disarray.

Moving into 2021, interior designers hear homebuyers loud and clear: They want more minimalist kitchens with a sleek design and high efficiency. Fully integrated hardware and hidden appliances are important components, and open shelving is decreasing in desirability as it makes it much harder to hide clutter. Clean lines and light natural woods are perfect for these upgraded, spare kitchens. While white and gray kitchens have been all the rage in recent years, interior designers note that these neutral color choices will begin to phase out, with bold colors increasing in popularity. As for decoration, it will be simple and sparse, with small plants and succulents continuing to be important details.

Image courtesy of Studio Thomas

2. Eclectic decor

Minimalism might be in vogue in the kitchen, but more and more homeowners are looking to infuse some personality and character into their living spaces, making them appear, well, lived in! Instead of sticking to one simple style, eclectic rooms that incorporate a variety of modes, shapes, colors, and textures are on track to become incredibly popular in 2021.

You can achieve this fun mixture of decor by drawing on any number of elements that you love. Try pairing a boho-chic blanket with a classic and well-loved area rug or California Coastal beachy decor with the vibrant colors of mid-century modern furniture. Natural materials, like straw, wood, rattan, and tapestries, can also be combined to create that eclectic vibe. This is particularly effective in a living room where you want a welcoming atmosphere, one where your friends will enjoy gathering for cocktail parties and game nights.

3. Bring your vacation home with you

After a year devoid of vacations, who wouldn’t want the excitement and allure of a faraway place right at their own doorstep? Interior designers have seen a growing interest in beachy motifs but in a much more updated and chic way than your average oceanfront cottage. Hawaiian-influenced design is increasing in popularity, with homeowners using tropical floral prints, luminous colors, and soft highlights of lemon yellow. The digitally printed wallpaper can add a delightfully unique twist, as shown in the palm tree-themed paper in the image above. In addition to beautiful furniture and brightly colored decor, you can add actual plant life to create your own personal paradise!

4. Add sculptural furniture

Instead of your standard rectangular sofa or round ottoman, consider purchasing unique sculptural furniture, which is predicted to be one of 2021’s biggest luxury trends. These interesting and eye-catching items aren’t just conversation pieces. They can add an artistic and creative feel to a room, and there are plenty of options made with different materials, so you don’t need to worry about sacrificing comfort for aesthetics.

Sculptural furniture pieces can be grouped together for dramatic effect or arranged near the window to benefit from natural light. Interior designers opine that curved furniture in unusual shapes draws a person’s eye as soon as they enter the room, leading them to fully take in and appreciate the space.

Image courtesy of Studio Thomas

5. Freestanding bathtubs

Who wouldn’t want their master bathroom to feel like a home spa? One of the most luxurious additions to the bathroom in 2021 will be the freestanding tub. There’s definitely a reason why these tubs have long been fixtures at upscale spa resorts. Freestanding bathtubs aren’t difficult to install and can instantly lend a glamorous touch to your bathroom. And there’s no better way to relax at the end of a rough workday than by soaking in a tub, especially with the popularity of bath bombs that add bubbles, scents, and lovely colors.

Freestanding tubs are most commonly in shades of white and off-white, but this is an area where you can get truly creative. Copper models can look just gorgeous when paired with a vivid jewel-toned wall.

6. Go bold with bright paint and patterned wallpaper

It can seem daunting to imagine splashing emerald-green or deep-blue paint all over the walls of your bedrooms, but actually, these brilliant colors are becoming some of the most prominent trends in 2021. Interior designers and decorators state that accent walls are on the way out. So, instead of reserving an intense color for one wall of the room, use the same color for an entire room. This can be particularly striking in the living room, where you can even paint the fireplace, moldings, shelvings, and cabinetry, thereby tying all of these components together for a polished look.

Wallpaper can be more difficult to decorate with than paint, but if used properly, it can create a stunning effect. If you want a spectacular living room, choose stylish prints in bright, catchy colors and motifs. You can use a smaller section of a wall to pair a section of wallpaper with colorful paint, as seen in the image above from The Pinnacle List. When natural light streams in through the windows and hits these eye-popping colors and patterns, the effect is magnificent.

Image courtesy of Studio Thomas

7. Earth tones to warm up a room

If jewel tones and striking wallpaper aren’t quite your thing, not to worry — you can still spice up your living space while sticking to a more soothing and traditional vibe. Calmer shades of brown, green, tan, and beige can infuse your home with a pleasant and authentic ambiance, and they can be introduced in a variety of ways. Consider painting some walls of your home in a warm shade of light brown or beige. Many paint colors in earthy shades are some of the most popular choices for 2021, like Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze. This grounded yet sophisticated hue looks amazing on bedroom or living room walls, but it can also be used to repaint kitchen cabinetry or add a dramatic flair to the foyer or hallway.

You might also opt for earthy shades in other ways by adding upholstered furniture in buttery leather. Interior designers expect that earth tones will begin to replace the whites and grays that have been so popular over the last few years. Plus, they look positively stunning when combined with textiles, like woven blankets or wooden decorative pieces.

8. Take cottagecore to the next level

If you’ve been on the internet at all during the past year, you’ve heard of cottagecore, a fashion and visual aesthetic that incorporates elements from rural, pastoral lifestyles, like embroidery, vintage or secondhand furniture, houseplants, and prairie-inspired dresses. The cottagecore trend, according to interior decorators, has evolved into something along the lines of rustic vogue. Country homes with details like exposed beams, hardwood flooring, and paneled walls look especially fantastic when designed in this style, but the design is versatile enough that it can work with any living space.

Fans of the rustic vogue style can incorporate pieces that show lots of texture and grain, such as furniture pieces like chairs and cabinetry that look worn. You can even scour vintage shops to find the perfect decorative items! Repurposed and salvaged furniture is more popular than ever right now, particularly when used in moderation. You don’t have to fill your entire living room with pieces from an antique shop. Instead, introduce them over time and embellish your room with luxurious items, like gorgeous fabrics and statement lighting. Cozy amenities, like soft blankets, patterned linens, and warm colors, are wonderful finishing touches for a rustic vogue home.

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